Spartans before the home reprisal second round of the European League for a miracle after the debacle 0: 4 from Russia believe. Thursday at Letna want to compete with dignity to say goodbye and apologize to the fans for the disastrous outcome of the first match.

"It would probably really is a miracle. We have to approach the match in real terms. The first game went wrong, and the result is toward catastrophic retaliation," said coach Thomas fire. "It's not pleasant when the opponent comes with such a margin. But we want to play with honor. We will try to somehow compensate for our fans," added the center-back Mario Holek.

"This is our main concern is that we played a good match and showed the fans a good game. To left the stadium with the feeling that we had a nice evening," said Fire. "Of course we do not give anything, we will fight and we want to win. Rostov at home showed that he is physically very well prepared. We have to compensate him for aggression," he added Holek.

The situation is complicated by the absence of Sparta Borek and waited to Tiémoka Konatého. Czech representative in China is a transfer, while midfielder from the Ivory Coast can not go after the Rostov got a red card. "Bob certainly we will miss her. She walked quality forward and see what happens," he said Holek.Trenér Miroslav Beranek will again operate in Slavia. But this time it will not lead the league complex, as had already three times in his career, but becomes the chief trainer of the youth team.

"We are glad to return to Slavia and will strengthen our team and great club personality. We firmly believe that it will contribute to qualitative growth, not only our players, but also promising young coaches," said CEO Martin Krob club.

Devětapadesátiletý Lamb at Slavia has worked as a player and then three times as head coach. Last time in 2015, which was his last engagement. He also led the representation of 21 years and was an assistant with the national A-team. He has experience from abroad, where he worked in Debrecen, Al Wasl, Astana and led the representation of Kazakhstan.