Russian footballers Krasnodar for the first time in its history, advanced to the final of the European league and achieve big success on the ground favored Turkey's Fenerbahce tied 1: 1 and finally defeated his rival in the overall ratio of 2: 1st As in the first home match very soon the lead on their opponent while still in possession leveled, but it was all on his part. The home team will be this year's action in European cups disappointed.

While in the match came in and actively opening possibilities found themselves after only five minutes of play. From a great distance Köybaşi fired a shot had made his Springbok keeper Kricjukovi big problems, visiting the guard was able to leave the ball in the corner. After his playing in unsafe termination battled Sow, however, twenty-six goalkeeper FK was ready again and reflexively ball away to safety.

Krasnodar took the lead out of nowhere from the subsequent counterattack. Gazinskij captured Škrtělovu inaccurate passing and then sent a great perpendicular to Fyodor Smolova. He was able to navigate between the two and preventing the opponent from the penalty area boundary is exactly hit the far post, goalkeeper Demirel stretched in vain. The same player was a close second scored goal after less than twenty minutes of play.

After a failed standard situation Fenerbahce went guests to counterattack and Smolov after he finished the first horizontal pass Podberežkina, but this time from eight meters in one hundred percent chance to hit only a foot Demirel. Ten minutes before the break after a Kricjuk center from the right wing collided with one of his teammates and an empty goal in front of him Sow, but from fourteen meters criminally aimed too high.

Home sparked hope for progress in the 41st minute when after a direct free kick from the left Lense touched the ball Brazilian Souza, stamped both the pole and then was pushing close to the network. Five minutes after changing sides fired right next to distant poles visiting Ramirez for another two minutes heading to the other side a few feet above the top of the rod Potuk. After less than an hour games defeated Demirel timely paddock tremendous opportunity Claesson, but then was injured and in 71 minutes he had to substitute. SK for more speechless, and the result of the match was already changed.