Players Utrecht confirmed the good form from the last time and this time in the home environment played Heracles after the result 2: 0th Of the previous eight matches and have won a very solid eighteen points table Eredivisie already have moved to sixth place with twenty-four points. Heracles contrary, failed to build on the previous point gains and is located at the beginning of the second half of the table with eighteen points, namely the tenth.

Domestic started very sharply and shook the first time as early as the second minute when, after Hrubec defensive Almelo took the ball Janssen and his hard blow heading into the middle of the goal properly recruited goalkeeper Castro. After less than fifteen minutes of play Utrecht had an even greater opportunity to score. Janssen cross in from the left S├ębastien Haller managed to move the defense to Zivkovic, who fired a volley over the country and Castro went fantastically foot ball over his goal.

Utrecht finally received a deserved lead shortly after the half-hour played. After a corner kick from the left found myself ball in a crowd of players and Mike te Wierik unhappy headed over goalkeeper Castro directly under the upper bar, the ball bounced off the back of the defending players. Five minutes later it could be a guest in total even worse. On the next corner he jumped Haller and Castro again excelled in fabulous surgery, then joy arrives Barazite hit on the goal line of one of the standing opponent.

In the second set minute shot over the head scissors Leeuwin, however, Castro has tamed this attempt gloves. After the change of sides was played more cautiously, more options cropped up in the final twenty minutes. In 74 minutes he finished acrobatically over the opponent Haller and stamped from the first bar, it immediately to the other side scored a tough crackdown goalkeeper Jensen, shot from the penalty area boundary brilliantly pulled on the upper bar.

Utrecht ruled on his victory in the 85th minute when, after a duel with te Wierika Haller ordered a penalty kick. To him she stood just a French sharpshooter Haller and without too much trouble rippled the net. Five minutes later, Heracles descended to the next disaster. Tim Breukers had landed at scoring opportunity brought down Zivkovic and frustrating received a direct red card. In setting yet Ayoub let stand Castro's blow under the crossbar, but the result has not changed.