Each series ever end for the football environment and this rule applies doubly. Only it depends at what point this happens. And for Ajax, who lost a twenty-one duels in a row, this was really unexpected moment. His long cord ended up on the ground Twente, where Amsterdam's selection lost the goal from a penalty in the second minute set. Enschede contrary, won the first four matches and is the seventh in the table.

Domestic selection played his opponent all the time balanced game and was finally rewarded with the winning goal at the very end. In previous encounters sixteen and twenty-four points and won for the sixth Utrecht's only score. Ajax contrary, rejected the possibility of spot tighten the leaders Feyenoord and its great competitor loses three points, the same margin also has the third before PSV Eindhoven.

Twente from the outset played very carefully in defense and in the process received opponent under pressure. In the first thirty-five minutes, essentially neurodila only serious opportunity then suddenly wagged home. From the left wing, that cross the border gate area Mateusz Klich, there leaned into the balloon acrobatic scissors Seys and narrowly missed the top post. Another opportunity is cropped in 44 minutes.

He got into the Ajax, where he founded his entire event to kick goalkeeper Onan. Subsequently sklepl Ziyech ball to Younes, the latter pushed the ball from the left side closer to the center and then fired from the border area and his attempt missed the goal by a few domestic hit the post. Seven minutes after changing sides could open the score visiting Schöne, however, after a shot from a free kick Marsman keep an eye on the front stick and pushed the ball outside.

57 minutes after penetration shook Twente, and although at the final shot missed the far corner by a few centimeters ter Avest, it ultimately might not mind too much. In the first set after a minute because Celiny hit the ball in his own penalty area Viergever hand, for his intervention received a second yellow card and therefore had to prematurely leave the pitch. K ordered a penalty stood Klich and shot into the middle of the goal countermovement Onan decided on the very surprising win in Enschede.