januzaj.jpgThis afternoon again confirmed that when the two collide hungry and offensively minded teams may be out of the hell of an interesting game. And once again confirmed the reputation Dries Mertens, who when injured Areka Milika can pull off great show.

Everyone would be able to say that when in one match vstřelíte three goals, at least from this point will always be. But Naples this idea vigorously swept off the table because of his rival from Turin outshot, although cashed mentioned three goals. Turin and left eyes to cry and coach Siniša Mihajlović he hears cautious talk of a crisis. Sure, the Italians ideas form very quickly, and sometimes things unnecessarily exaggerate, but it is something to it.

Spectators on both sides must have seemed to have gotten everything. From football they had to leave the feeling that they were once again witnessing something unique, something delicious. In short, football and all that goes with it. Under Mount Vesuvius it was hot from the first minute and it was a total disaster symbolic backdrop for what was waiting for Bull. Already in the third minute tinkering with the standard situation stood defender Faouzi Ghoulam and his attempt only just finished the network!

Home Turin treat yourself to even a hint of relaxation and pounded the Bulls defense constantly and dangerously. It was worth it to them in the 13th minute. Home warmed briefly in the corner and Jose Callejon got into the match. There centered ball found a free Dries Mertens, who celebrated the first goal.

About four minutes later, the same player got into the match, he was shoved him and Judges did not hesitate to whistle. Whistle sounded clear, enforced penalty stood again Dries Mertens and safely changed. Everyone began to suspect that today will be very interesting.

Adem Ljajić tried attention yet untested Reina in goal, Naples. His attempt from twenty-five meters, however, ended up near the goal posts. In 22 minutes the home again punished. The first shot Dries Mertens even Joe Hart started second dorážka then ended up falling to the Bulls defenders. Even the third attempt but ended up at the feet Mertensových, who had finally advised and scored his third goal of the match!

Ten minutes later, Mertens relax a little and let others shine as well. The ball of the foot Lorenzo Insigneho shot but Hart went brilliantly. The same player received the ball behind the defense and from a good position he finished with his left. His attempt, however, ended only on the side of the net. Mertens could be perfectly satisfied if the other players walked into the cabin. The second match in a row and the second hat-trick.

In the second half, some guests did not even want to get in, but it would have made a mistake, because it was still very interesting. First volleyed deviated he finished José Callejón. A moment later managed to invent something constructive and Bulls. Hope for them sparked Andrea Belotti, who after penetration missed cues to quickly and scored the first goal of Turin.

He continued, however, attacked the home. Dries Mertens led the event through the middle and on the right side found nabíhajícího Callejon. He unselfishly and pass through beautiful lime found a free defender Vlad Chiricheş that twenty minutes before the end again separated the wheat from the chaff - 4: 1st It was still something to play for. Seemingly deviated kick goalkeeper Reina on earth could not hold and attentive defender Luca Rossettini scored!

Ten minutes before the end Hart excellent chance of stopping Marek Hamšík, but he still celebrated. He celebrated his fourth goal of excellent Dries Mertens, who fiddled missed Turin defenders and Hart and beautifully draped it! On crushing score then ordered a penalty kick after a foul on Rossettiniho changed little. Iago Falqué knew that most improve personal statistics.