Roman Lazio at home was able to cope with the visit of Florence and thanks hesitation AC Milan has moved to fourth position. Fiorentina on the contrary, continues to languish and coach Paulo Sousa may not be the performances of his team not satisfied.

FUTBAL: Senica - TrenèínLazio shook himself from defeat in the derby and going again! Coach Inzaghi may be perfectly satisfied and trust management repaying perhaps every decision. Tonight he advised his charges with Viola thanks to three goals by, while guests humble goalkeeper Marchetti once. Also decided to miss a penalty visiting Ilicic as Biglia's changed her.

From the first minutes the home players pushed on Fiorentina and besieged the penalty area by using a combination of good and assaults. On Cataldiho interesting cross in the corner leapt tall defender Bastos, who aimed only to places where he moved goalie Tatarusanu. Lulić defender then found its center to the edge of a large lime free Felipe Anderson, who experienced heavy Brazilians call ever sat down and finished off.

Much of the problems caused primarily active guests Ciro Immobile, who would much like to end the shooting fasting. After recording Sergei Milinković-Savić However, in absolute and perfect chance grossly overplayed! Still, Lazio hit, although his main weapon fails. Anderson found a great vertical Milinkovic-Savić, who looked and moved the ball to the freer Keita Baldeh. He gave the Romanian rivals no chance!

In the third minute setting Lazio could rejoice in another hilarious action. The young midfielder, Milinković-Savić boldly and frequently invaded passing Viola, who was not convincing and without Valera it fails. He received the ball, ran with him into the box and was fouled. JUDGE Irrati While he hesitated, but finally whistled a penalty. To her eventually built instead Immobileho captain Lucas Biglia, who was fearless and calm her into 2 - 0 for the home.

Lazio had faded into the locker room with a clear leadership and a much better game speech. The second half started much better for Viola. More active guests, who ran from the locker room a lot of stimulation, they were awarded a penalty chance! To her, she stood up experienced midfielder Josip Ilicic, but the ending was all wrong and his goalkeeper Federico Marchetti became the hero! This was a watershed moment for the entire development of the match.

Fiorentina after all striked and decreased to 2: 1st The hero was a player whose form goes a lot in recent weeks upwards. Experienced Argentinian Mauro Zárate, who was on the field as incoming player is only four minutes, but they were enough to doklepl ball into the net from Cristian Tello. Balon him in an attempt to kick to boot, stuck midfielder Biglia, making it easier situation - 2: 1 and Viola felt the chance for points.

Then the lead instrument also wanted to enroll young talent Federico Bernardeschi that to his venomous shot twenty minutes before the end was close, but goalkeeper Federico Marchetti was ready in time. Home captain Lucas Biglia pass moments later the party to Kishnu Ricardo, who is finishing a large angle. Still, he had Viola goalkeeper into action to defuse his wound.

Violets enjoy an additional goals, which could mean a draw, but after a corner kick Carlos Sánchez got the ball in the net hands, so the goal did not pay. The judge hesitated, but after consulting with my colleagues did not recognize the goal. Viola course complained, but the worst is yet to come. A few minutes later, quick counterattack Ciro Immobile pulled, stretched out on himself a defender and crossed the defenders of free advice. Experienced Romanian his compatriot at the gate of violets comfortably surpassed 3 - 1st