francis.jpgWhat it actually happened at the Marassi? Genoa held the reins of the match in their hands and even 65 minutes clearly led 3: 1st It seemed that the last Palermo hardly the result will do something, but lo and behold, Palermo after the final whistle celebrated victory 4: 3!

Palermo was at a disadvantage. Sicilanům fails in earnings and improvements absentees or under another new coach Eugenio Corinim. Moreover Grifové could boast an excellent home form, fit that teams such as Juventus or AC Milan.

And it all started from the perspective of domestic smoothly, already in the 4th minute you ran the defense by Simeone crib and opened the score of the match. Just a few minutes later, shearing scissors Laxalt, but 2: 0 it was not. Palermo but showed that to Genoa not come on the trip and the chance Andělkoviče was the first clue. Grifové lessons can not take 42 minutes and was razed. Quiason good use left open advantage, pushed his way through the three defending players unmarked - 1: 1st

Genoa after a change of parties active play and took the lead back again there was hlavičkující Giovanni Simeone. After 65 minutes, I hit from the air and Nikola Ninkovic and a Grifo victory nobody doubted. Palermo but swiftly fell again in contrast to a single shot. From a small lime ruffled head Goldaniga network.

Jurica wards coach did not want to leave anything to chance, and several were very close fourth intervention. Lazovic narrowly missed a goal after 86 minutes Ninkovic excellent ferret Posavec! It was an important moment, because in 88 minutes came compensation. Defense Grifo not catch a corner kick and Andrea Rispoli had missed a simple little task - 3: 3! And that was not all, then came another disaster when Trajkovskiho ground shot exactly fit the rod. Palermo lives up famous turnover, which absolutely kidnapped Grifo goalkeeper Mattia Perin. He lost his nerve and Knockdown opponent was disqualified.