giggs.jpgSampdoria Genoa traveling from Verona without points, which did not help either shot Patrik Schick. It is still a regular goalscorer, but even his late goal by the end of the game is not enough. Today rejoiced home Chievo, who scored one goal even more.

Coach Marco Giampaolo knew that he must outwit the defense Chievo. It boasts just defense, which was hidden the key to victory. But just look to score to make it clear that this trainer Giampaolo failed as they had imagined. The luckier team Chievo, which still winning shot in the first half Meggiorini with Pellissier.

In the first few moments while Doria looked very dangerous, but a greater chance to receive an answer. On the contrary, it had soon absorb the bitter fact that the leading opponent of the goal. Palombo with Meggiorinim, fighting for the ball near the box, and because he was defending Palombo last man, the goalkeeper Puggioni he decided to help. The result was that Meggiorini beat Palomba and threw the ball over the falling goalkeeper, so he finished up empty.

It Doria obviously did not want to leave such a great distance leaned into the ball Barreto. His slog just went to the center of the goal, where he stood ready to goalkeeper Stefano Sorrentino. Chievo were still active, because they knew that the Genoese Doria under the guidance of Marco Giampaolo plays until the last breath. Pellissier found space still get sucked into the ball more ground and burned. His shot was blocked.

Then put themselves also know striker Luis Muriel, who found space on the right side and crossed beautifully to run Alvarez. Experienced midfielder fired a lot of hard but somewhat inaccurately. A homemade punished. Puggioni today spent a lot of bad luck match plus fouled as last missed. The execution ordered a penalty to put the experienced Sergio Pellissier and turned into 2 - 0 for the home and Doria got into big trouble.

The main problem are not an understatement, but it was too much effort for a combination that ousted any attempts of a simple game on the sidelines. Muriel could finish off the match after a cross from the right side but still přihrával back to Barreto, who was not in a good position. Sampdoria alternated, thus garnering more precious minutes Czech youngster Patrik Schick, beside which the course got the Bruno Fernandes.

Genoese Sampdoria gradually waned ideas, strength and everything else, but still goalkeeper Sorrentino not kept a clean sheet. That just made sure Patrick Schick, who despite heavy fog has used his talent and centimeters. Czech attacker jumped on the cross at the back post, beating goalkeeper Sorrentino - 2: 1st The outcome of something has changed, but points out it was not. Sampdoria continued to decline.